BioDeposit Agro


BioDeposit Agro is a soil conditioner that contains a spectrum of natural ecologically pure materials, it does not contain any pathogenic nematodes, weeds, garbage or industrial wastes. It creates soil humus restoring soil fertility and improves soil structure. It increases cropping capacity by 40-60% and reduces yield ripening time, increases soil moisture content by 4-5 times. It is also effective in preventing soil humus erosion, neutralizes excessive concentration of radionuclides, heavy metals, pesticides and chemical fertilizer salts in the soil. In addition to the benefits, it increases the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers applied and at the same time decrease the amount of usage mineral fertilizers. It is a product that is recommended for depleted soils, saline soils, eroded soils with damaged structure, soils treated with chemical and mineral fertilizers for a long time. It can also be used on territories located near city roads, industrial roads with soils polluted with heavy metals, on sandy and clay soils with minimum organic content and on soils contaminated with nematodes. HOW TO USE: Mix 1 part of BioDeposit Agro with 4-7 parts of soil before planting seeds/seedling to be applied once in 3 years. It should be stored under storage temperatures of not more than 40 degrees with a maximum storage period of 2 years.

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