Product specification/Purity. BEAUVITECH ®TM WPis a wettable powder (WP) formulation containing spores of Beauveria bassiana strain J25 at a concentration of 1.0 x 1010 spores per gram in an inert carrier. Mode of Action. Fungal conidia become attached to the insect cuticle and, upon germination; the hyphae penetrate the cuticle and proliferate in the insect’s body. Relative humidity of above 70% and temperatures of between 18 – 30oC are essential for conidial germination. Infection establishes between 24 and 48 hours. The infected insect may live for 3-5 days after hyphal penetration and, after death conidia are produced on cadaver. Best results will be obtained when treatment starts early before pest populations become heavy. Preparation and Application: Mix the required amount of BEAUVITECH ®TM WP with water using 2 litres for every 250g product; stir well to form a uniform suspension. Add the suspension to the required volume of water in the spray tank and mix well. Add the required amount of a wetter at recommended rates and mix thoroughly. After mixing with water, the product should be sprayed as soon as possible; DO NOT store overnight. Thorough coverage of the leaf surfaces where the insects are to be found is a must to obtain good efficacy. Apply using High volume spray equipment. Maintain a minimum Relative humidity of 70 % for at least 12 hours. Highest infection levels are achieved at temperatures of between 20 - 28oC. Best results will be achieved when applications are done early morning or late afternoon. Frequency of application: Frequency of application varies with the pest pressure and their susceptible life stages. Generally it is recommended to spray every 5-7 days with between 2- 4 repeat applications.

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens Thrips, whiteflies and aphids

Active ingredient(s) Beauveria bassiana

Recommended application method As a foliar.

Normal recommended rate using this application method 250g/2Lt of Water

Normal mode of action Systemic

Country of origin Kenya


Naivasha, Nakuru Kingfisher

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