Bamako 700WG


BAMAKO 700WG is a highly concentrated water dispersible granule formulation that is easy to handle and measure. Because of its superior formulation, BAMAKO 700WG granules offer the farmers a nearly dust –free granule that has good flow, rapid wettability and good dispersibility. MODE OF ACTION The mode of action of Imidacloprid is based on intereference with the transmission of impulses in the nervous system of insects. BAMAKO 700WG acts as an acute contact and stomach poison. It exhibits systemic properties and long residual activity. In addition, BAMAKO 700WG offers the plant a boosting effect leading to stress tolerance resulting into higher crop yield. Re-entry interval: As a general rule, treated areas should not be entered before spray deposits on plant surface dried, unless protective clothing is worn. APPLICATION After soil application via irrigation system or drench, the active ingredient Imidacloprid is taken up by roots and transported into the aerial parts of the plants (stems and leaves) by the sap flow. BAMAKO 700WG protects the root and foliage from pests for several weeks. BAMAKO 700WG offers good residual efficacy as a foliar application too. BAMAKO 700WG is absorbed into the leaf surface and moves within the leaf from upper to the lower surface and towards the tip of the leaf. Mixing: - Half fill the spray or mixing tank with clean water. Add the required quantity of BAMAKO 700WG in to the tank with agitation system in operation and then top up water to the required level. MAIN ADVANTAGES Broad Spectrum for control of sucking pests: aphids, whiteflies, thrips, scales, mealybugs, garden termites etc Flexible application method: foliar, drip or drench Excellent systemic properties: When applied via foliar and soil application BAMAKO 700WG is taken up easily and translocated into the stems and thus provide a long-lasting efficacy Excellent for IPM : BAMAKO 700WG is safe to beneficial insects e.g predators, insects of mites, parasitic wasps etc when applied as drench / drip irrigation Crop Tolerance: BAMAKO 700WG is well tolerated by all crops tested, whether applied via foliar, drench or drip at recommended rates. BAMAKO 700WG has a boosting effect on plant growth leading to: Increased greening effects Vigorous plant growth and increased rooting depth Improves crop performance leading to higher yield BAMAKO 700WG therefore boosts your plant for improved plant health, high yield and top quality. BAMAKO 700WG is a user-friendly formulation

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, Mealybugs, Leafminers, Termites, Dusty Surface Beetles, Flea Beetles.

Active ingredient(s) imidacloprid

Recommended application method Can be applied as a foliar and/or as a soil drench.

Normal mode of action Systemic

Country of origin Kenya


Nairobi Cooper Cen

Cooper Centre, Kaptagat Road off Waiyaki Way

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