AQUAZA OXY 300 uses molecular encapsulation technology to deliver and selectively release oxygen from a food grade Hydrogen Peroxide carrier; this controls the decomposition of water and oxygen allowing accurate dosing and efficient efficacy at extremely low ppm dilutions.It has a long lasting effect as the only necessary amount of Oxygen to neutralize the biological oxygen demand is released.It is formulated using organic ingredients so does not leave any toxic chemical or heavy metal residues. It is an essential tool in agriculture as it eliminates pathogen and chlorine, eradicates bio-film (an aggregate of micro-organisms in which cells adhere to each other on a surface). It increases the aerobic soil depth thereby enhancing rooting,reduces plant stress caused by replanting, drought, salinity and over fertigation and enhances the immune system of the plants by providing constant supply of oxygen.Other than in agriculture, it can be used in the treatment of surface equipment, misting systems, greenhouse disinfection, crate washing and in post harvest treatments. MEASURING: Measurement of Aquaza is done using simple peroxide test strips that ranges from 0-100 ppm with an ideal rate of 20-50 ppm.

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