Agrothoate 40EC


Agrothoate is a contact insecticide that kills by ingestion and stomach action with 400g/litre dimethoate as the active ingredient. It targets horticultural pests (scales, whiteflies, aphids, caterpillar, leaf worms), tobacco/cotton pests (whiteflies, aphids, mites, thrips), field crop/cereal pests (aphids, stalk borer, earworms). Agrothoate is sprayed on the crops when pests start to appear while citrus/fruit pests (aphids, citrus mediterranean fly, scale, whiteflies) are sprayed when fruits start to ripen. Half fill the spray tank with water, then add the required amount of the product and thoroughly mix. Fill up the tank with remaining water and keep well agitated while spraying. The rates of application vary with crops.No compatibility has been encountered with other agrochemicals but it is advisable to avoid high alkaline compounds. It has a post harvest interval of 14 days.

Additional Information

Target pests/pathogens Aphids, mites, whiteflies, Caterpillar, leaf worms, stalk borer, citrus mediterranean fly, scale

Active ingredient(s) 400g/litre dimethoate

Recommended application method foliar

Normal mode of action Contact

Country of origin Kenya


Nairobi 8 Pate Rd

8 Pate Rd off Lungalunga Rd, Industrial Area

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