The Kit is designed to pull water from any water source(lake river,stream,well,borehole,water harvester etc) using solar power. The solar panel provides electricity directly without the need for expensive batteries or inverters. Water is pumped into a raised water storage during the day. When irrigation takes place during the evening, a valve on the water tank is opened and water flows down through a filtration system and onto crop root zones via irrigation tape. WHAT IS INCLUDED ON THE AGROSOLAR IRRIGATION KIT SUBMERSIBLE SOLAR PUMP • Maximum Flow Rate: 12,500 Liters per Day • Maximum Head: 70 Meters • Power: 300 • Durable Stainless-Steel Construction * Pump specifications depend on model recommended SOLAR PUMP CONTROLLER • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) ensures constant output •Auto shutoff feature when well runs dry or tank is full SOLAR MODULES • Poly-crystalline solar modules with 20 year warranty SOLAR MOUNT + SECURITY KIT • Custom pole-mount raises panels 4 m above ground for added security IRRIGATION SYSTEM • Complete irrigation customized to fit the size of your shamba * PVC layflat main pipes • long-life irrigation tape (15-30 cm spacing) * filter system • All needed valves and connectors * CHOOSE from either DRIP irrigation or our new exclusive MIST irrigation INSTALLATION & TRAINING * All kits installed by a SunCulture certified technician • Instruction on day-to-day operation and maintenance of the kit

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