Livestock farming is a key part of Kenyan economy. As the leading directory on agriculture in Kenya, we have listed a range of suppliers that deal in products and equipment required in animal farming.


Key Features:

Listed are companies that have in-depth knowledge about the domain, assisting livestock farmers find new horizons. They advise how the farms are maintained in optimum and hygienic conditions facilitating healthy breeding of animals. They would also offer reliable customer support making sure that the customers’ requirements are met promptly.

Zero in on a company that offers products at par with global quality standards. Their approach should be defined by two factors - commitment and dedication. They advise clients on protecting the animals from various infections, emphasizing on nutritional and other aspects. Leveraging sound knowledge of the domain and adequate understanding for clients’ requirements, they are able to completely satisfy the requirements of clients.

Top suppliers attain high standards of quality, undertaking every single measure at all level of the process. Every single product is attentively checked before being dispatched to the market.