The directory can be used for finding assistance in various greenhouse equipments and applications. You need to zero in on a company that offers you services for greenhouse farming in Kenya.

Sinita F1

Key Features of Leading Companies:

A top-of-the-line supplier will support the concept of colored shade net, orchard mulch and embossed mulch. They should be someone who supplies high quality insect net, thermal reflective net, anti-hail net, root trainer seedling tray, light weight lockers, polypropylene soilless growing troughs, net covered structures with dual automated screen and more.

Browse through the listings to find suppliers to provide you with timely supply of high quality greenhouse equipment. Our listings have suppliers that have earned high reputation in the field regarding their supplies. You can also find environment consultancies, laboratory services, harvesting system services, water treatment services, etc.

With top-of-the-line suppliers, you will find services such as shadow hall, fan and pad greenhouses, naturally ventilated greenhouses, tunnel type net houses and box type net houses. They would go beyond the basics and assist clients in land selection and development, crop selection, marketing produce, suitable irrigation systems and running the greenhouse satisfactorily and profitably.