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Features of Quality Fertilizers:

Agricultural output in Africa and particularly in Kenya has over the years decreased. Adoption of organic and inorganic fertilizers can substantially prop up agricultural yields.

One of the reasons for the low usage of fertilizers is having difficulty saving harvest income for purchasing fertilizers for the next season. Many farmers have limited information on the advantage of the efficient usage of fertilizers.

Small-scale subsistence farmers in Kenya are extremely poor. Top dressing fertilizers can increase yields by about 48 percent, which translates into a 36 percent rate of return over just a few months. Rooting depth of the crop increased substantially through application of fertilizers.

Various nutrients – Nitrogen N, Phosphorus P, Potassium K – have their own specific roles in the development of plans and these cannot be substituted. Nitrogen has a role in all the major processes of plant development, Phosphorus promotes crop maturity and Potassium fights crop disease. Farmers may need to ensure the right mix of all the nutrients. Available micro and macronutrients in the fertilizers include iron, sulphur, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc and boron.