Dairy Farming in Kenya has the potential to grow and contribute to the economy of the country and this is corroborated by several success stories in this field. You can also script equally wonderful stories and reap dividends (profits) like many have already done

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Optimizing the profits in dairy farming, the farmers need to use the best in dairy farm equipment, advice and primary products. Here are businesses that offer products and advice for herd management, wool, seed and grain, aquaculture etc. Use of sustainable process technology can be hugely advantageous in the dairy industry.

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Dairy farming in Kenya means competition for quality, quantity and profitability. For distinct flavor, farmers need to seek low temperature pasteurization and milk from a single-origin herd. Creaminess in milk can be achieved by keeping the herd of Jersey and Guernsey cows. Cultivating rich soil, minimizing usage of plastic and ensuring welfare will create a winning situation for dairy farmers.

Procuring the  is important for ensuring optimum milk production. Failure in sourcing for ideal products would result to decrease in production despite improvement in grazing conditions and better availability of irrigation ware.

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