As a 'young' man in Kenya there has been recent talks of how Agriculture is the next big thing and how people 'young' are making it big in the industry.. And this gets me thinking can i be the next big thing? Well I've watched the news, heard of some subsidised agriculture fertilizer to be honest I have never understood the story till now. I've also seen the popular well informative shamba shape up show..

And pictured myself doing farming with my farm all big green with healthy crops and the like... Then . Comes seeds of gold articles I mean all this examples of people doing farming and making an actual living out of it.. Is just too overwhelming

.. So I sit down with my phone ,Google had never let me down so why not Google something about farming... Then I start to type... I go blank, well what am I     supposed to Google.... I laugh at my ignorance. Put my phone down.. Take a pen and paper,

.... LAND., I need land.

... Crop to plant obviously

.... Money for the seeds as well..

....... Then what next...

I give up am done... Agriculture isn't just cut out for me...

Months later I hear of soil testing. What is even soil testing... So I go back to my Google... Well at least this time round I got something.

Soil testing is the very first step for any other serious person planning to do farming.

Well it tells you the condition of your soil in regards to nutrients available in your soil, it  also tells you the pH , this i read is the level of acidity in your soil.. Well that's something, i never knew soils could be acidic and prevent crops from growing. And all a bunch of many things the Cation exchange capacity, organic matter, calcium:magnesium ratio. Hahaha look a how smart i've become all just because of a simple term, soil testing.

Now with my head held up high like an over ambitious Masters graduate student... I visit a 'young' farmer friend... He has been in the 'industry' for a while now.

Like usual he offers to take me round his 5 acres of land all with this nice maize crops, then some cabbages, tomatoes on another block well he talked of this word 'diversification'... Then talked about 'crop rotation' and some other new words av never really bothered to learn the meaning....

Well I decided to drop some few new words Google taught me.... "Kevin, what's the pH of your soil?" I asked.... Well his face went blank just like I had expected, a feeling of triumph and victory swept over my face as i watched the 'young farmer' play around with his words... Nop.... I wasn't done yet...

"Oooh am assuming you had your soil tested that is...". Haha i've never seen Kevin this confused.

Pap felt like Abisayi the jackpot winner... I wonder if he's planning to join this 'Young' farming industry.

Anyway my point.. Many young people are venturing into this farming business with little or no knowledge at all about farming.They have the resources yes but the information is lacking, so what should be the right thing to do? True the industry is growing new technology is being applied into farming .Who would ever have thought that one could grow crops in an area where rain has never ever been heard of.... You tell me... So I use this term 'serious young farmers'.... These are the farmers with both resources and content... And when I say content I mean people with the real information... Ask me what I mean by real...? Well am one of them.

 'Shamba shape up' informed me there's a lab that does soil testing some CROPNUTS CropNutrition Laboratory Services Lab at kangemi... and my 'serious young farmer' Kevin have a visit scheduled to go there this coming Wednesday.. I even  heard they have people called Agronomists the DaktariI Wa Udongo and some Aquacheck people .Am anxiously waiting to meet all these people.. I can already imagine how my farm and Kevin's would look like. I pictured my self plastered on the front page of the seeds of gold with the headlines 'Serious young farmer making it big

thanks to soil testing at CROPNUTS....' I've never seen such a headline on all the seeds of gold articles I've read... Haha guess they still don't know about soil testing....

Well enough of that Kevin has this piece of land am interested in purchasing.... It's near a water source, I wonder if they do water test as well.... Well Wednesday will be my day...

by Shambaza team