Mechanization in agriculture is as a result of modernization. This involves the use of modern tools and equipment like tractors, spreaders and plough. Before this era, farmers used to pulverize and grow crops with bare hands. This was time consuming and restricted the productivity of crops. In this new era otherwise known as the  “modern world”, work has been made quite easy for most farmers as the equipment have the ability to perform a wide range of tasks i.e. ploughing, tilling, planting fields and fertilizer application. Modern tractors are used for a variety of tasks including routine lawn care, landscape maintenance, moving or spreading fertilizer and bush clearing.


Tractors are available in a wide range of models, sizes and capability to suit specific tasks and requirements. Subcompact or compact tractors have a horsepower range of 15hp to 40hp and are therefore ideal for heavy duty landscaping tasks such as digging, hauling or ploughing of large gardens, fields and pastures. Utility tractors, also known as diesel tractors, are also available in different models with a horsepower range of 45hp to 110hp. They are used to perform complex duties that otherwise consume a lot of energy and time.


Most tractors used in modern farming are powerful with the ability to last longer.  They are so powerful that they can run over rough terrain and pull extremely heavy loads without wearing out. They are manufactured with cast iron front axles for extra strength and stability with power steering to make turning much easier and faster.


Modern tractors have proved to be versatile in so many ways.  They can perform more than one task. Other implements such as GPRS system, front end and loader attachments/back hoes can be attached to the tractor making them perform an even wider range of duties that could otherwise be done by more than one tool.

Use of tractors is efficient in production as it increases yield at lower costs. Less inputs are used to cover and do a wider range of tasks saving on money, time and energy all these being factors of production. To ensure you enjoy the benefits of farming the use of modern tools such as tractors is the way to go!

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