Agribusiness Idea? Make coconut oil!

Making coconut oil is an agribusiness idea that you can engage in and succeed. In the agricultural world, value addition is one of the ways to increase your income. One way you can do this is by making coconut oil.

Here is how to make coconut oil at home:

Step 1:

First, break the coconuts using a blunt object. Remove the meat or flesh from the kennels using a knife. The meat will come off easily if the coconut is mature.

Step 2:

Cut the meat into small cubes and wash them thoroughly. Put some warm water and the coconut cubes and start blending. For best results, we recommend that you do this in batches. The warm water helps to blend the coconuts smoothly. If you do not have a blender, you can grate the coconuts. Local communities in Kenya use a grating tool called “mbuzi” to do this.

Step 3:

Run the blended mixture through a sieve or a cloth. This is how you get the coconut milk.

Step 4:

Blend the residue again using warm water to get all the coconut milk out. Sieve once again to remove the entire residue from the coconut milk.

Step 5:

Pour the coconut milk into a large bowl and cover it. Keep it in the fridge overnight. If you do not have a fridge, place it somewhere with good air circulation.

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Step 6:

The next day, you will notice that a white cake layer has formed on top. This means that the water has separated from the oil.

Step 7:

Carefully take the top cake layer and place it in a brass pot or “sufuria” and place it over medium to low heat. Since the remaining water still has some coconut flavor and scent, you can use it to cook rice.

Step 8:

Keep an eye on the coconut oil and keep stirring from time to time. It will take over an hour for it to be ready. Once done, you will notice some charred coconut bits present. Additionally, you will notice that the oil has changed to its brown colour.

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Step 9:

Set the pot aside to let it cool down. Once at room temperature, sieve the oil to remove the charred coconut bits.

Step 10:

Finally, the oil is now ready for use. Pour your oil into an airtight container for use/ sale.

Coconut oil has become a favourite among many people because of its various uses. Because of this, it has proven to be a very lucrative agribusiness idea. You can plant the coconuts yourself or by outsourcing them. Here is a great article on Coconut Farming For Beginners to give you an insight into coconut farming. Start small and scale up as things progress.

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21 Dec 2017

By Farmers Avenue